Nebraska's Guide to Snakes, Turtles, Frogs, Lizards and Salamanders

plains garter snake

We seek to inform Nebraskans and visitors about the rich herpetological heritage contained in Nebraska's borders. Many people may feel frightened or uneasy about snakes, salamanders, frogs, and turtles. We hope that this site will help reduce that apprehension by providing accurate information about these important species in Nebraska's landscape. We also engage in research to help conserve these species as well as enhance our understanding of their role in the environment.

Please note that this site only provides information on Nebraska-native species. If you have questions about non-native species, refer to your own state or region herpetologist. If you have questions or need help identifying a Nebraska-native species, contact us on our Ask An Expert page.


toad photo

Report a Sighting

Have you seen a snake, frog, toad, lizard, turtle or salamander lately in Nebraska? Become a citizen scientist and report your sighting. Your sighting helps us better understand the range of these species in Nebraska.

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