Northern Leopard Frog


Northern Leopard Frog

Scientific Name: Lithobates pipiens
(Formerly: Rana pipiens)
Family: Ranidae
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Description & Size

  • Slimly, slightly granular skin
  • Extremely long hind legs
  • Prominent continuous lines (dorsolateral fold) that extends from head to the rear of the body on either side of the body
  • Total length: 5.0-11.1 cm (2.0-4.4 in)
  • Back color: green with brown or grey
  • Spots: dark colored, outlined in white
  • Belly color: white


  • Wet meadows
  • Semi-permanent bodies of water
  • Cattle stock tanks


  • Aquatic vegetation (larvae)
  • Aquatic bacterial colonies (larvae)
  • Arthropods
  • Worms


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Life History

  • Mostly nocturnal, can be diurnal (Blomquist and Hunter Jr., 2007)
  • Active season: March – October
  • Breeding season: Mid-March – June
  • Lays eggs
  • 600-6000 eggs per female (Corn and Livo, 1989)
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