Western Tiger Salamander

western tiger Salamander

Western Tiger Salamander(Formerly Barred Tiger Salamander)

Other Names: Blotched Tiger Salamander
Scientific Name: Ambystoma mavortium
(Formerly: Ambystoma trigrinum)
Family: Amybstomatidae
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Description & Size

  • Smooth, slimy skin
  • Short fore and hind limbs
  • Total Length: 15.2-21.5 cm (6.0-8.5 inches)
  • Vertical bars that extend down the body or numerous blotches
  • Bars: bright yellow, Blotches: olive green to pale-yellow
  • Base color: Black or dark brown or green


  • Fishless, permanent or semi-permanent bodies of water (Larvae)
  • Moist woodlands
  • Prairie dog towns
  • Other small mammal burrows


  • Aquatic invertebrates (Larvae)
  • Worms
  • Terrestrial arthropods

Life History

  • Nocturnal, rarely diurnal
  • Active Season: Early spring – Late fall
  • Breeding Season: Early spring – Early summer
  • Lays gelatinous eggs
  • Variable (50-200 per female)
western tiger salamander range