Short-horned Lizard


Short-horned Lizard

Other Names: Mountain Short-horned Lizard, “Horn Toads”
Scientific Name: Phrynosoma hermandesi
(Formerly: Phrynosoma douglassii)
Family: Phrynosomatidae
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Description & Size

  • Rough scales
  • Spikes (modified scales) on the head and body
  • Short fore and hind limbs
  • Short tail
  • Flat and round body shape
  • Total length: 7.6-12.5 cm (3.0-4.9 inches)
  • Light stripe from the head to tail in the middle of the back
  • Large and small blotches on the back
  • Base color: Grey or brown


  • Shortgrass prairies with loose, sandy soils
  • Rocky, rough terrain


  • Ants primarily
  • Other small invertebrates

Life History

  • Diurnal
  • Active season: April – September
  • Breeding season: April – May (Howard, 1974)
  • Gives live birth
  • 5-48 young per female
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